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Stay A Step Ahead In The Struggle To Maintain
The Highest Standards of Education In The Security Field!

Visit the Official Journal of Applied Security Research website:

As an association of professionals within the security industry, we encourage our members to keep up with the latest news and happenings in our field. We would like to promote the growth of our industry through the advancement of each of our member's share of knowledge. To do so, you can join us at our 29th Annual Conference in Winchester, VA, April 4-7, 2009, or apply for the Certified Security Trainer (C.S.T.) Evaluation Program in Berryville, VA, April 4-7, 2009.

Also, you can read the latest articles from the knowledge base library that the Academy of Security Educators and Trainers maintains. These articles are available to members of A.S.E.T. through our newsletter, "The Educator." To join A.S.E.T., please click to the application page and fill out the form.

As we compile our library, we'll make available on this site the latest news and updates in the security field.

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