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building.jpg (9371 bytes)The Academy of Security Educators and Trainers (ASET) was founded in 1980 as a non-profit professional society. The current membership of hundreds of men and women includes: academics, trainers, students, law enforcement and government officials from National, State and local agencies; self-employed professionals; and security officers, supervisors and directors from major international corporations, banks, transportation industry,security service organizations, communications, energy, retail, chemicals, insurance, petroleum and utility companies.

All members benefit from this wide interaction and are joined together for a common purpose... to enhance the security profession.

The purpose for the founding of the Academy is to assist in the proper growth and development of security education and training, and is best expressed through Article Two of the Bylaws of the Academy:


  1. Promoting establishment of security degree program and training courses.
  2. Aiding curriculum development.
  3. Serving as a resource for legislative bodies considering regulatory action.
  4. Sponsoring basic and applied research
  5. Facilitating dialogue between teachers, trainers and practitioners.

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