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The Academy of Security Educators and Trainers

The 28 th Annual Round Table Conference of the Academy of Security Educators and Trainers (A.S.E.T.) was conducted at Highlander Lodge in Bluemont, Virginia, April 3-5, 2008. In attendance were over thirty (30) security professionals from all over the world with a majority of attendees members of the Nine Lives Association (N.L.A.), a professional organization of Personal Protection Specialists. The program qualified for Virginia D.C.J.S. In-Service requirements.

Networking – An Important Part of Life was the theme for the conference. The Academy’s recognition of networking as a marketing method focused on different aspects by which opportunities are created through social interaction of like minded people on an individual and company basis.

The networking process allows individual to build new business relationships and generate business opportunities at the same time. Professionals who wish to leverage their presentation skills with the urgency of physically being present will attend general and specific networking events. Most professionals tend to prefer face-to-face networking (face-time) because of the potential for higher quality relationships. Many individuals also favor face-time because people tend to prefer actually knowing and personally meeting those they may employ or have business transactions and associations.

The program began with a networking reception and dinner on Thursday evening with ample opportunities for discussions. After breakfast on Friday Dr. Richard W. Kobetz, CST welcomed everyone and led the group in self-introductions. Dr. H.H.A. Cooper, CST introduced and spoke on the conference theme “Networking – An Important Part of Life”. The first speaker, John Musser spoke on “Tools of Networking” followed by Dr. Oliver Wainwright, CST presentation “The Power Of Networking”.

The afternoon sessions were lead by Jerry A. Heying addressing “The Importance of Face to Face.” Mr. Heying was followed by Glenn A. Daggs, CST, whose presentation on “Networking in the Corporate Arena”, in conjunction with a practical exercise, prepared the attendees for a dialogue on the presentations. Dr. H.H.A. Cooper lead the open discussion and summarization. The evening social and annual banquet gave everyone additional opportunities to exchange ideas and have break out discussions.

On Saturday, Professor John I. Kostanoski, CST, spoke on “The Journal of Applied Security Research” and the Journals relationship to A.S.E.T. and the security profession.

The conference concluded with the annual business meeting of A.S.E.T. The 2009 Certified Security Trainer program was announced for August 16-21, 2009 and the 29 th Annual Round Table Conference for April 2-4, 2009.

When considering you and your staff’s training requirements, ask yourself “where can anyone obtain the personal exposure to the industries highest level of experienced instructors and leaders, for the cost of ASET and EPI’s programs”. There is no comparison professionally or economically. This was a global meeting at low cost with top quality everything…..

Certified Security Trainer (C.S.T.)
Evaluation Program

The C.S.T. Program continues to be the most prestigious certification in the security industry. Numerous successful professionals have completed all program requirements since the program’s inception in 1981.

The Process:

This program awards a certification to only successful candidates on the basis of background, experience, and actual observed performance. Successful candidates include some of the most prominent and recognized professionals in the field. All applicants must proceed through a multi-phase process:

  • Submit a complete resume for credential review and background check; and have satisfactorily responded in writing to narrative qualifying questions on contemporary security training issues, as prepared and approved by an application sub-committee.
  • Attend the five-day assessment and evaluation program.
  • Successfully complete, during the five-day program, a series of written and oral examinations, personal interview, training exercises, and three actual training presentations for the certification board.
  • Each candidate will also participate in workshops, critique presentations, and attend sessions on contemporary issues and problems.

The next scheduled Certified Security Trainer program will be conducted at the Highlander Lodge, August 8-13, 2008. Also, the 29th Annual Academy of Security Educators and Trainers International Security Round Table Conference will be held at the Highlander Lodge from April 2-4, 2009. Please call or write the secretariat for details.

For more information on the Academy, please contact:

Email: rwk@crosslink.net
Phone: (212) 268-4555 or (800) 947-5827
Academy of Security Educators and Trainers
16 Penn Plaza Suite 1570
New York, NY 10001

16 Penn Plaza Suite 1570
New York, NY 10001
Phone (212) 268-4555 or (800) 947-5827
FAX (212) 563-4783